A37: Black and White Baby Playgym

Key data

Category: A - Baby toys

Location: I (In library)

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 14

Number of unique pieces: 11


1 Bag

1 black arch

1 red arch

1 playmat

4 rings on toys

1 triangle (on toys)

1 crinkle cube

1 panda bear (rattle)

1 rattle shaped panda

1 rattle ball

1 mirror


Description: 1x black arch, 1x red arch, 1x playmat, 4x rings (on toys), 1x triangle (on toys), 1x crinkle cube, 1x panda bear (rattle), 1x rattle shaped panda, 1x rattle ball, 1x mirror, 1x bag

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